How to make feather brooch/pin

Visit my page: Please visit my Etsy store to see my latest creations http Hi everyone, this is a tutorial on a very unique pin that I love. Let me know what you think :) Check out my daily creations and fashion finds on Find me on facebook :) Facebook : Creative Boutique by Iselle

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  1. By: moonbeam610


  2. By: PsychoOnMars

    pleaseee do a tutorial for the feather clip in your hair at the start of the video as well :)

  3. By: ladamadelcaribe

    @BrandyZigg well, follow this video only instead of a pin for the back use something for the hair. once u know the materials, u can create anything.

  4. By: ladamadelcaribe

    love ur name! is there anything u cant do? u amaze me! love ur videos.

  5. By: nounu

    Where did you buy your feathers at? I loved the purple one also.. Just can’t help all the lace and beads dangling. I been wanting to make a brooch pin and I have to say I’ve been inspired..

  6. By: MiyankaHan

    MsIselle, you’re so creative! Like your creation! <3

  7. By: bb60605

    @MsIselle so excited… can’t wait to see the tutorial. thanks.

  8. By: 246810hiie

    yes please make a vid on that pink feather one :D you should make a video on almost everything you make because i love ur vids! video format is better :3

  9. By: BrandyZigg

    i would die to see how to make those feather pins for your hair!

  10. By: jossygam

    muy lindo

  11. By: alexprncss21

    I love your videos. I prefer a video instead of the slideshow. That way we can all see your pretty face :)
    Love the hair pin it’s so pretty.

  12. By: xcurlz75x

    I love the pink one!!!!

  13. By: acmulhern

    it’s really beautiful. i really love it! my favorite it the one in your hair and the purple one, they’re so pretty! ^-^
    btw, it’s spelled broach. i’m just saying because once i uploaded a video and misspelled the title and it was so embarrassing, so i just thought i’d tell you :)

  14. By: taleemulhaq

    please do more like this! and can you also show when you are super gluing etc. in the video?

  15. By: Msvintagegurl

    where do you find the different feathers at? I love the one in you hair.Can you show us how to make that one.

  16. By: aglanceatmyworld

    Cute! I’d love to see how to make the other style as well. Oh I’m a fan of this format of tutorials instead of slideshow.

  17. By: tineri09

    Can you make a tutorial for the one you’re wearing in your hair? Also, I loved those off-the-shoulder tops you made a few months ago. Can you do another off-the-shoulder top tutorial, please? :)

  18. By: misswondergirl916

    The video format is way better than the side format.

  19. By: glitterandglueforyou

    Yes, I love the pink one. Can’t wait to see the video

  20. By: glitzycouture

    @MsIselle awesome!!! i <3 headbands :)

  21. By: byecookies

    Ooh, I like the purple one. :D Is it possible for a tutorial on that? :)

  22. By: courtiemacd

    please please PLEASE do a tutorial on how to make the other ones!!! there so cute, i think i will make on to put on a headband!

  23. By: LilySewRandom

    I like the video format more :) . You did an awesome job re-creating that brooch. Only thing missing in this video is where you got the feathers, and what kind of glue you’re using :). Thanks for the video!!!

  24. By: IshaBeauty11


  25. By: FYIiBite

    This format is definitely better than the last. It’s so much better! (:


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