How to Download DIY How to Videos ?

DIY (do it yourself) is what most of the people prefer because you get to learn something by yourself without the need of experts or professionals. The phrase “do it yourself” came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to home improvement projects which people might choose to complete independently. These days with the rise in Internet usage, people love to share their experience and working methodology’s on various things. There are so many how to tutorials, how to videos and DIY videos that demonstrates hands-on stuff in a video so that people could watch and gain some benefit.

So from DIY Home improvement projects, today we have DIY videos for all kind of things in various categories right from kitchen design, bed room decors, hairstyles, nail polish, gardening, wedding, makeup, electronics and more. So this website ( is a one stop solution to all your do it yourself videos. We have various categories of DIY videos where you can watch them, learn the step by step tutorial and complete the task easily.

To take more advantage, you can download all the DIY videos from our website for offline use. Say for example, you can download hairstyle, nail polish, makeup DIY videos offline and play them when ever you want to style your body. So we are the first service in the web that allows you to download all the DIY videos to your computer for offline use.

You can browse through our DIY videos categories –

Open DIY video post, you can watch the DIY video online on the left side and on the right side there is an option to download the video.

You could easily find out the ‘Green colored Download button’ on the right side of any DIY video post.

Just click the Download button to download your DIY videos to PC for offline use

A simple java applet will popup for permission to run on your PC. Click RUN/Allow the applet to run so that it can provide you with the direct download links of the video (that makes you to download the DIY video easily to your PC)

If you’re using Chrome then, a simple yellow popup bar will appear on the top of browser. if you’re using Firefox, then small popup window will appear.

Now you can find the download links for the DIY video below the download button.

All the download links are provided in two different formats and video quality, you can select which ever you want and download them to your PC.

Enjoy your stay ;-)

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